Diablo 2: Resurrected is a well-known game that doesn't take

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Diablo 2: Resurrected is a well-known game that doesn't take

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"Most of your actions in game occur on this database as it's faster, and your characters are 'locked' in the database to ensure the character's record's integrity. Global databases also have backups in the event the main database fails,"These regional databases are periodically able to send information back to the central database so that Blizzard has a singular record (with backups) of your thicc level 88 Barbarians, Necromancers and the like. It sounds good until that central database gets overloaded and the whole system, like the engineers working on it, requires an afternoon nap.

"On Sunday morning Pacific times, the servers experienced an outage throughout the world because of an unexpected, substantial increase in traffic. This was a first-time threshold that our servers hadn't had before, not even prior to launch," Blizzard explained.

This was made worse by an update we had rolled out earlier that day to improve performance during game creation. These two factors combined overwhelmed our database across the globe, causing it to crash. We made the decision to roll back that Friday update that we'd previously released in the hope of easing the burden on our servers over the course of Sunday, while giving us the time to look into the root of.

On Sunday, however, it became clear what we'd accomplished on Saturday wasn't enough. We noticed a larger growth in traffic, leading us to hit another downtime. Our game servers were aware of the database's inability to connect and immediately attempted to reconnect in a continuous manner, which meant the database was never able to complete the work we'd completed due to it being too busy dealing with a constant stream of connecting attempts from game servers.

In this period, we were also able to modify our configuration to improve our data event logging. This is necessary to restore a healthy state in case an eventual database malfunction, so we completed those, and carried out further analysis of the root of the problem.

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