Because slaying lava wyrms using a death price

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Because slaying lava wyrms using a death price

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Because slaying lava wyrms using a death price locking you to a pker at 80k-90k death cost isn't affordable. Not worth limiting most of the point of cursed energy out of ironmanning div charges (buyable speedy div xp).The crazy's danger is shit because to shield yourself you risk losing 100's of mils or you are stuck as fodder in discriminated against someone willing to risk t90+ gear, maybe not a 5m passing price. Introduction the wild into your usual gear without danger (besides double/triple passing cost) provides pkers better targets than agil/moth/energy/rc trainers and their skulls. A skull trick increasing the passing cost marginally kinda kills the point of skull tricks and lures so it's a triumph against the major negatives of the region.

We could probably only offer your PK'er the death reclaim cost (or some equivalent if not in cash) and call it a day. EoC PvP is dead for a whole lot of reasons, also It's likely not coming back. Maybe if the wild had a relatively lower risk (and less chance of randomly shedding a Bil in equipment due to a bug) individuals would really engage with the content.The wilderness is balanced round the extra danger from PKers, however equipment costs have increased far more restrictive so that losing everything is a lot more painful than it was. Additionally, PvP has only been a unfun shitshow ever since EoC went and that I think everybody has lost hope that it'll get fixed.. I believe my last time was during World occasion two.

Bossfights are mostly learning the mechanics of a supervisor and doing what you learned over and above, but PvP can give people a chance to reveal deeper knowledge of the battle system. It ought to rely on watching what another runescape player does and correctly responding to that. Currently the battle in PvP has rediculous DPS that people can be killed by individuals with high-end equipment and abilities in just a second or two. People usually die before they had a opportunity to respond which completely ruins the point of PvP.

There also should be more chances to secure PvP, as only very few people understand how to effectively do it and there are not opportunities to correctly practice (especially as minigames such as castle wars are basically dead). Maybe there should be a"mini wildy" place with safe PvP and at which runescape player kills give you combat and slayer experience, at greater rates than doing regular slayer to make it worth doing.They attempt to revive it using hugely underpowered and fatally flawed updates, and when they flop it's"proof" that PvP is dead. Because it's actually worth doing, warbands, though it has many flaws, manages to draw hundreds of people.

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