You're getting despise, but honestly you are not wrong

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You're getting despise, but honestly you are not wrong

Postautor: Megaomgchen » pt sty 31, 2020 8:19 am

You're getting despise, but honestly you are not wrong. I remember the PS2 madden's that had coordinators. It was cool. It had potential to be enlarged. However, imo, you've got to be a bit out of touch with reality to think the majority of players (or anywhere near that) actually knew or cared about the coordinators. It was likely a hassle needing to worry about signing them. A lot of the ones that are actual you never recognize, and then you simply wind up repopulating when each is a former participant, with retired players, that honestly is a little unrealistic.

Like, the cash they'd want to spend for the likeness and everything, the job to model all of them in game (unless they just use generic characters like when creating a coach), the extra offseason in sport hassle of handling them, is all that really worthwhile for something you will never really even see in game? The sounds not worth it to me. You can pretend to do it in your head if you switch playbook and the scheme of your head trainer up, which I think is enough for something you are never going to see in game. Although this can't be done but perhaps make a change to tackle that rather than adding a ton of items that were unnecessary.

It's alright, you can expect the downvotes here for moving against the"EA Poor" circlejerk:-RRB- And yes, you make great points. It would be very bothersome to me to feel as though I had to hire the"best" or maximum rated coordinator and run a brand new scheme I did not appreciate. But perhaps there is a way without which makes it difficult to work with for players that are ordinary to have some form of coaching staff care.

Lol yeah see that is the thing. Back when they had this the trainers had materials and overalls. MLB the show has a similar thing for the managers/coaches, and it's kind of bothersome. There is literally no reason to signal anything less than a grades coach so you basically have to immediately fire any current coach that isn't an A. Personally I'd rather the trainer not affect overalls or anything. If it does, it must be from a growth standpoint.

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