While skilling is alot quicker and easier

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While skilling is alot quicker and easier

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RS3 gets called EZscape alot. While skilling is alot quicker and easier. (simpler to unite whit real existence and still unlock content onto a nice speed imo) Combatwise OSRS has nothing particular, except prayer switches there's nothing to find out. And much easier imo. BOTS!. People has robots because money is worth nothing is complete BS. It stay undetected in OSRS and just simpler to use bots. OSRS is 5x more subsequently RS3. But it is simple to make 10x per houre in RS3. So economically it would be more intresting sell and to bot RS3 cash than OSRS. So long stroy short. I enjoy both versions. both have pros and cons. And hope both games will run together for a long time. When 1 goes, because I believe.

The simple fact of the matter is that OSRS couldnt take the alterations to RS3 because they were forced out if RuneScape because of them enjoying it, but being forced to combat. OSRS was RS3, along with keep playing, or the veterans were forced to stop RS3. Some people that play with RS3 like OSRS, and vice versa, but due to having to start over on OSRS the community developed a hate. This is pretty common sense understanding, but nobody will probably wants to swallow this pill. The combat in runescape 3 is mainstream just like other MMO's, but there wasn't any option out.

07 has no mtx so they must make a fantastic game. 1 of our most recent RS3 flows was literally them talking about"improving" mtx and which makes it more"healthful" when in reality we know mtx will never be phased as out they tease us sometimes about if cosmetic mtx was a hit. Reality is that they want to stay broken promos and this"healthful" mtx to milk RuneScape more. No updates past year. I havent and RS3 played for a year. Got tired began playing 07 again. Having a blast. Polls are having a say feels great and fun af. A mate of mine who is currently playing with mod ash was requested by me to get a qol with potions that were celestial and it gets added. RS3 you'd be blessed if a dev contemplated ur hint.

Its a joke. Its apparent that the people responsible for RS3 don't have any clue whats great for RuneScape. Its fault, however they are told it isnt significant and also to make the next upgrade. They're disorganized and they have admitted they are (mod warden has stated so and how he is shocked). Its a joke that I watch an 07 stream, and they talk about future alterations, these hints, and changes that they aren't being left to die and they have done. They are going to repair it and make sure they do it right.

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